The Starter Stack

What’s “The Starter Stack”? Good question, it’s two supplements I started taking daily to increase muscle volume and strength. Do I think supplements are important for meeting your fitness goals? Yes! When I first started working out I had no clue about proper supplementation. My thoughts were, “they can’t really help that much”. After a few months into working out, I decided to purchase a few supplements. I didn’t want to purchase them right away as I wasn’t sure if I would even stick with lifting. Once I became more dedicated to the fitness lifestyle, I started taking both a protein and a creatine supplement. Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein

Let The Gains Begin

With just these two supplements alone I was able to pack on 10lbs in a couple months. Before you start saying I bet it was mostly water weight and fat.  Good job, you would be correct.  Most of it was water weight with a little bit of fat but there was also a drastic increase in muscle volume.  The creatine allowed me to work harder and push out more reps.  Instead of benching 95lbs for a few reps, I could do 135lbs one time. You may laugh but it was progress. Guess what, the progress is what kept me going back for more! What about the protein supplement? The protein was essential for building muscle. Since I was not getting enough protein in my everyday diet I was unable properly recover and repair broken down muscles. So if you decide to start taking Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP and BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein beware of the side effects (sarcasm).


  • Increased muscle volume
  • Increased strength
  • Increased focus
  • Gains

Again, it’s completely up to you whether or not to take supplements and which ones. If you do decide to start taking supplements I strongly recommend looking into the consumer ratings and reviews. If there are any supplements you swear by please leave a comment and I would love to try them out, if I haven’t already. Now be sure to go follow WaterJugFitness on Twitter and Instagram. Also go check out the Water Jug Fitness YouTube channel for supplement reviews and more!   References

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